About Us

The Western Canadian Farriers Association is a non-profit association, formed in 1983. Our main purpose is “to organize farriers for the promotion of excellence in the art and science of farriery”. A constitution and by-laws govern the WCFA. Membership is on a yearly basis. The WCFA is not only an association concerned with farriers, but with everyone in the horse industry, aiming to inform the public, and particularly the horse owner, of the quality and standard of farrier service that is available.

The WCFA strives to improve the standards within the farrier industry, defining, maintaining, and improving the quality of craftsmanship and quality of service within the profession. The WCFA serves as a vehicle of communication within the farrier industry, particularly in Western Canada. The association organizes and holds clinics, workshops, contests, and seminars, with various communities, farrier colleges, and veterinarians among those involved. A newsletter is published every three months, providing members with information about current and upcoming events and other items and articles of interest.

There are two categories of membership within the WCFA: Regular Members and Apprentice/Student Members. Both are entitled to receive the newsletter, membership discounts and flyers on upcoming events. The regular membership also includes voting rights at the WCFA Annual General Meeting.

The WCFA also sponsors the Canadian Farrier Team, who represents Canada at various international competitions and further promote the association.