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High Country Horseshoes Clinic

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Saturday January 28, 2023 with Clinician Dusty Franklin

9:00-10:00 Anatomy & Physiology of lower Equine. Horse Handling/Trimming

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-12:00 Modifying Pre-made Shoes. Incorporating forging skills at the horse.

12:00-12:45 Lunch Break (Will be served)

12:45-3:00 Powerpoint Presentations. Over 1100 for the crowd to choose from.

3:00-4:00 Questions & Answers

Attend the clinic and receive 10% off on all Thoro’bred & Khan Forge Product from High Country Horseshoes

+ Additional 10% Off from Thoro’bred and Khan Forge

MUst RSVP at 604.530.0761 to be entered into Giveaways & Lunch

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WCFA Fall Conference Results

Division I
Forging I
1st – Reilly Paugh
2nd – Jeron Chmetyk
3rd – Matthew Fayle
4th – Ashlan Koronko

Forging II
1st – Jeron Chmetyk
2nd – Reilly Paugh
3rd – Ashlan Koronko
4th – Matthew Fayle

Best Forged – Reilly Paugh
High Point – Reilly Paugh

Division II
Speed Forging
1st – Alysha Millar
2nd – Jesse Towns
3rd – Hunter Winship
4th – Madelyn Smith

Forging I
1st – Jesse Towns
2nd – Hunter Winship
3rd – Alysha Millar
4th – Rob Young

Forging II
1st – Hunter Winship
2nd – Alysha Millar
3rd – Madelyn Smith
4th – Rob Young

Shoeing 1st
Hunter Winship
2nd – Rob Young
3rd – Madelyn Smith
4th – Alysha Millar

Best Shod Hunter Winship
High Point Hunter Winship

Division III
Speed Forging
1st – Iain Ritchie
2nd – Matt Findler
3rd – Kim Lacey
4th – Caleb Green

Forging I
1st – Iain Ritchie
2nd – David deWit
3rd – Matt Findler
4th – Russell Floyd

Forging II
1st – Matt Findler
2nd – Caleb Green
3rd – Kenny Gimblett
4th – Iain Ritchie

1st – Iain Ritchie
2nd – Matt Findler
3rd – Caleb Green
4th – Spencer Wall

Best Shod Iain Ritchie
High Point Iain Ritchie