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Chad Lausen, WCFA President

The WCFA welcomes Chad Lausen as the new WCFA President!

The following was posted November 6, 2023 by Chad on his Facebook page:

I am honoured and privileged to accept the role as President of the Western Canadian Farrier’s Association!

I learned about 30 seconds into the meeting that I am a terrible politician lol and I am definitely going to break a few rules, but I have a lot of energy and passion for the farrier industry and want to make a lot of good things happen! I am thrilled about the new elected members and we have an amazing board of individuals stepping up to make this association a super power! Looking forward to having Alexandra V Hamilton as vice president! She is a good friend and probably the most organized person I know. Thank you to the outgoing staff, Will A Clinging and Russell Floyd Awcf who have done a great job of getting the association to where it is and giving us a great place to launch from!

I know in the past many executives have been frustrated when people complain about the association to everyone except the people who can make the change. I ask that if you have a complaint or concern about the WCFA please send me a PM and I will take it to the board so it can be discussed.

Thank you to all the farriers in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba for trusting me with their association!

~ Chad Lausen
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Olds Classic Results

Division 1                                                                            
Forging: 1- Allan McGee
              2- Anneke Baarda
              3- Kai Cunningham
Shoeing 1:   1- Allan McGee
                     2- Steve Hanson
                      3- Anneke Baarda
Shoeing2:      1- Allan McGee
                       2- Kai Cunningham
                       3- Gillian Delure
Eagle Eye: 1- Brett VanOosten
                   2- Anneke Baarda
                   3- Allan McGee
Overall: 1- Allan McGee
              2- Kai Cunningham
              3- Anneke Baarda
Division 2
Forging: 1- Kaitlin Hoefnagels
               2- Caleb Braucht
                3- Carson Richardson
Shoeing1: 1- DJ Comer
                  2- Riley Swanby
                  3- Aspen Green
Shoeing 2: 1- DJ Comer
                  2- Carson Richardson
                   3- Bethany Raymer
Eagle Eye: 1- Kaitlin Hoefnagels
                    2- Cordell Bender
                    3- Jordan Levisky
Overall: 1- Carson Richardson
               2- Kaitlin Hoefnagels
               3- Riley Swanby
Division 3
Forging: 1- Chad Lausen
               2- Justin Fountain
                3- Jack Ketel
Shoeing1: 1- Justin Fountain
                  2- John Dixon
                  3- Chad Lausen

Shoeing2: 1- John Dixon
                  2- Justin Fountain
                  3- Riley Pool
Eagle Eye: 1- Riley Pool
                   2- Ken Gimblett
                   3- Justin Fountain
Overall: 1- Justin Fountain
              2- Chad Lausen
              3- John Dixon