Treasurer- Mary Blackstock


Although I was born and raised in Vancouver, my family had a weekend place in Maple Ridge.  There, I spent most weekends and a large part of summer vacations.  My sisters and I always had a pony or a horse to ride on. 

When Randy and I married we lived in a mobile home on the “Farm” and horses were a large part of our lives. We bought, sold, trained, bred and simply enjoyed the horses we had.  Today, I only have one older gelding, who does not get ridden very often, but I could not imagine life without a horse in it.

I also enjoy bookkeeping and have done it for our own business and many other associations I have been involved in over the years.  Although I was involved in getting the WCFA registered with the BC Societies Act in 1983, I didn’t become the treasure until 1997.  At that time the association desperately need someone to keep track of records and file reports on time.  Randy volunteered my services and I have been a part of the WCFA ever since.

Now retired, at least from a regular paying job, I find myself busier than ever.  We have two wonderful daughters and four wonderful grandchildren.  Babysitting the two youngest twice a week keeps me very active.  Gardening, looking after 5 acres and a 7 month old German Shepherd puppy also keep me active!  

I am really proud to be an Honorary Member of the WCFA and enjoy working with so many dedicated people.