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2021 Fall Conference Cancelled

To all WCFA members,

We are very sorry to announce that once again we are having to cancel the WCFA Fall Conference this year. We tried our hardest to make it work with the new COVID-19 restrictions coming into effect, but in the end felt we couldn’t host an event where both members and public could feel safe in an enjoyable environment.

With the number of people restricted and the vaccination requirement (which is a very personal choice to have or not have – we respect both sides of that decision), it just became too limited. When we do return next year it will hopefully be in an all access, no restriction setting where we can all feel safe and enjoy the event as we have for so many years.

We want to thank all our sponsors and volunteers that again were ready to step up and make this event happen. Without them, we wouldn’t have the first class venue that we all look forward to every year.

Keep posted for information about your local WCFA chapter on upcoming events to keep your education and competition skill sharp!

Anyone who has made reservations at the Coast hotel please call to cancel.

Thank you everyone!

WCFA Fall Conference Committee

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Ontario Farrier’s Association Auction Fundraiser

Quarterly Fundraiser Auction

The Ontario Farrier’s Association is doing a quarterly auction to raise funds.

Our auction for a blacksmith bellow coffee table started this morning.

  • Circa 1880 Perth Blacksmith Bellow Coffee Table, Refinished and built by The Tommy Works – Tommy MacFarlane (farrier from Fallbrook and Co-Founder of the Eastern Ontario Farrier Assc).
  • Legs custom built 1”x3” steel box tubing primed and painted black. Hand forged chain still attached (removable).
  • Dimensions – Overall Length 65” (includes 10” nose cone), Width 28”, Height 20” (19” bellow the top boards)
  • Retail value $3000.00.
  • Shipping available and easy at buyers expense.
Auction Closes: Sunday August 8 2021 8pm
Place your bid on their Facebook page



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Coyote Country Classic

Competition Results from the 28 people competing in the Coyote Country Classic, July 9 – 11, 2021.

Division 1 results:

  1. Renee Kalkman
  2. Chance Hansen
  3. Mychaela Ketlo
  4. Madeline Fedora

Division 2 results:

  1. Calder Morns
  2. Kailey McIntosh
  3. Malt Roberson
  4. Branden Augiel

Division 3 – Two Man

  1. David Dewit, Russell Floyd
  2. Chad Lausen, Keith Oram
  3. Jessie Robinson, Kris Kremp
  4. Kim Lacey, Riley Pool